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We are a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductable

4150 Highway M,
Cabool, MO, 65689
ph. 417-259-1834

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Our dogs are looking for you.  Small dogs, large dogs, friendly dogs and shy dogs, “breeder's” dogs and family pets who find themselves homeless due to a "change" of circumstances... Diana's Grove has been rescuing dogs in rural southern Missouri since 1994.  We have been a 501-C3 since January 2006.  In 2012, we took in 1,557 dogs.  153 howled in the New Year in our facility.  Folks ask, “How can you give them up?” Here's how... We are a no kill shelter but our dogs don't live in a “no die” world.  We are always aware of the ones that are waiting... waiting for shelter, safety, and food daily. Each dog placed means we can save another.  When you adopt a dog, you save two dogs... the one you take home and the one who takes her place.

We are a “grass roots dog rescue.”  We are one of the many “little guys” who simple do what we can do. We are two old ladies who live on Social Security and our home is designed to care for 100 dogs. People ask – Why?  Why take on the work and financial burden of providing food, medical attention and care for so many?  We do it because it has to be done. In our area, there is no one else to do it. And yes, we could sure use your help!

Our mission is to help dogs in the economically devastated areas in the Ozarks. We are a St. Louis based organization whose facility is in Shannon county, one of the 10 poorest counties in the United States.  Our priorities are mom's and pups, pregnant dogs, dogs from families who are coping with loss or financial devastation, and dogs in Animal Control facilities in the small towns around us who face euthanasia.

We provide basic care: vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm testing, worming, micro-chipping and seek to adopt to those of you who want to continue the work of saving a life. If abandoned dogs and pups matter to you, help us continue.  Adopt, make a donation, or just take the time to look at the dogs that are looking for a home. Not the right time for you?  You never know... You might be the “mysterious way” that a needy dog finds her home.

These are only a portion of our dog population. If you do not see the perfect dog for you, please email us at We have approximately 200 dogs at any one time and it is difficult to keep up with pictures and descriptions, but by emailing us, we can tell you who we have that matches your description and send you pictures. We can also arrange to bring the dog to an adoption event for you to meet them. If you would like to adopt one of these pups, please fill out an application by clicking the button on the right.
It takes a village to save a dog. Our village saved 1966 dogs last year. Will you be a part of our village?
Diana's Grove Dog Rescue